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Budget 2004

coming soon...

Overview of Fiscal Measures

  • Income Tax

  • Income tax due by foreign permanent residents

  • Duty on documents

  • Registration tax & road license for racing cars & vintage cars

  • Cigarettes

Measures affecting Tax Administration

  • Import duties

  • Levies

  • VAT

  • VAT & IT Penalties

  • Measures that benefit entrepreneurship

  • Taxation on farmers that produce fruit and vegetables

  • Procedures to reduce cases before Small Claims Tribunal

Environmental Measures

Monetary Measures

  • Removal of Exchange Control requirements

Fiscal Measures with Social Implications

  • Capital means test

  • Increase in supplementary allowance

  • Payment for maintenance of children in cases of marriage separations

  • Increase in children’s allowance for those with three children and more

  • New procedures in the working of tax calculations on arrears of pensions

  • Increase in the cost of living for pensioners

  • Casual social assistants

  • Financial assistance for parents with children under two years who attend child day care centres



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