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Our back office facilities, provided in conjunction with the operation of a bank account in Malta, ensure that your Maltese company passes the "substance over form" test and is not viewed as a tax avoidance vehicle by the tax authorities in the country where the company actually carries out its business or in the country of the beneficial owner's tax residence.

Boardroom facilities;

Conference/Projector facilities;

Receptionist service;

Bank account e-management;

Document e-management;

Prestigious Maltese street address and
    daily mail e-forwarding;

Personalised telephone answering;

Malta virtual office facilities

"Virtual office gave us a prime business address without the expense of maintaining a physical presence." Satisfied user

Maltese mobile phone numbers with
    international roaming facilities;

Fax lines, fax reply and fax e-forwarding;

File server & Internet connection;

Maltese website +e-mail addresses;

Co-operative Secretarial support.

Conference organisation at leading
    International Hotels.


Mail, e-mails and fax communications are conveniently channelled through Malta thereby centring the company's administration in Malta so that it becomes improbable that the Maltese registered company is viewed as a tax avoidance vehicle.


> Malta back office services > Malta virtual office services >

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