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Maltese International Trading Companies

1. Possible Uses of ITCs

2. Objects

Possible Uses of ITCs

An ITC is a very effective tax-planning vehicle. It can be adopted to:

receive commission income

receive management or operational fees

hold patents, copyrights, franchises & other intangible rights

perform re-invoicing operations

trade in the EU with a valid EU VAT Registration.


The shares of a Maltese ITC must be subscribed to by at least one non-resident person such as yourself (or company). Its objects must be limited to activities or trading interests outside Malta. Thus, ITCs may hold any type of asset, movable or immovable, not situated in Malta.

An ITC may carry on trading activities outside Malta without restrictions except for banking, insurance and financial investment services for which the Company will require a specific license. An ITC may also export Maltese products.

International Trading Company (Index)   Taxation (4.1%)

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